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Peptide Iron Particles for Mining & Environmental Cleaning – 肽鐵微粒

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Unique Technology

Why there isn’t any competition in peptide mining?

  • pure peptide cannot be mass produced economically
  • our patented production breakthrough makes it feasible


Metal Binding Peptides are a cutting-edge technology for the extraction of valuable metals such as gold, iridium, rhodium, and palladium. The process involves the use of specialized peptides that bind to the surface of metal molecules.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Creation of Peptide Iron Particles through coating iron particles with selected peptides.
  2. Grinding of ore into a fine powder and exposing metal surfaces.
  3. Addition of water and Peptide Iron Particles to the mineral slurry, resulting in the metal being covered in peptides.
  4. Use of a large electromagnet to adsorb and collect Peptide Iron Particles along with the metal.
  5. Separation of metal from other minerals through concentration.
  6. Destruction of peptides using a special solution, resulting in natural separation of metal and iron particles.
  7. Removal of independent iron particles using a big electromagnet, leaving the metal alone for collection.

The process offers several key benefits, including:

  1. Suitable for use with more expensive metals.
  2. High recovery rate of 90-99%, with potential for treating existing tailings.
  3. Environmentally friendly with no pollution, only water for physical separation, and no chemicals used.
  4. Fast reaction with the ability to recycle iron particles.
  5. Target-specific metal extraction and easy separation of different metals.
  6. Effective, simple, and fast removal of heavy metal pollution in water or soil.
  7. Cost-effective mass production of Peptide Iron Particles for different metals, including rare earth elements.

Peptide Iron Particles have a wide range of applications, including the treatment of heavy metal pollution in water and soil through the efficient application of the described process.





1. 生產鐵微粒,這微粒就像錄音帶上的微細鐵粉,然後將肽覆膜在鐵微粒上,成為肽鐵微粒
2. 把礦石磨成細粉,暴露金屬表面,然後加水
3. 將肽鐵微粒加入礦粉水中攪拌數分鍾后,金屬就被肽緊緊包裹住,也就是被肽鐵微粒包裹
4. 用通電的電磁鐵將肽鐵微粒吸附收集,金屬當然也一起被收集
5. 金屬跟其他礦物分離,也就是富集了金屬跟肽鐵微粒
6. 將肽用特殊溶液分解后,金屬跟鐵微粒自然分離
7. 再次用電動大磁鐵將獨立的鐵微粒吸附走,唯一留下的是要收集的金屬


  1. 可用於貴金屬、鋰、鈷、稀土、其它等金屬
  2. 開採回收率高90%-99%,現有尾礦可能值得處理
    3. 不污染環境,只用水進行物理分離,沒有化學作用,不使 用化學物質,水與鐵微粒可以循環使用
    4. 反應快速,比火法、化學更直接有效
    5. 金屬針對性,簡易分離不同金屬
    6. 可有效、簡易、快速清除水或土壤里的重金屬污染
    7. 肽鐵微粒可以量產,價位合理

Physical action only, there is no chemical action or heat treatment

Environmental friend, minimum to none waste produced, low cost and speedy process

Mass production, even works on processed tailings

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